How To Style Your Chanel Earrings

How To Style Your Chanel Earrings

Many people assume that styling only involves clothes and shoes. The truth is, styling goes beyond clothes and taps into accessories. For this reason, it makes sense if you figured out the various ways to style your chanel earrings. Here are the various styling options for your Chanel earrings.

1.      Chanel earrings with symmetry

One of the easiest and simplest ways to style your Chanel earring is using asymmetry. Everyone who wears earrings started with this styling, so it is not hard to do. All you need is a pair of earrings and wear them on each ear. It is a subtle style approach and might not make a bold statement unless you wear earrings with huge pearls or pieces.

2.      Chanel earrings with accent

With an accent earring, you are out to make a statement with the piece you use. Accent earrings are worn on one ear and are often very big. As such, you end up with a massive earring that draws attention to your ear. It can have pearls or another precious stone, and it often covers your entire ear. It is great for nights out and red carpet events.

3.      Repetition

If you want to try asymmetry while making a bold statement, then this is something you should try out. Use your pair of earrings on one side and have the bold statement. It will make people look when you walk into the room.

4.      Asymmetry

You can achieve asymmetry in different ways. The first option is to wear one earring on one side and create an imbalanced look. You can also try the repetition look and only have the rearing on one side, which also looks great. If you love wearing earrings on both ears, then you can have an extra earring on one side and only have a single one on the other. It will create the feeling of asymmetry, which is bold and fun.

5.      Accumulation style for Chanel earrings

Accumulation can be discombobulating if you have never tried it before. With this style, you get a couple of pairs of earrings and mix them up on different sides. You can have the earrings arranged differently on either side. While the earrings are all the same, they do not look the same. It creates a nice effect when you look at the two sides.

6.      The emphasize

If you want another version of asymmetry, try this out. All you need is a big, bold earring that has no fancy embellishments on it.  It might be plain, but the size is what will draw people’s attention to it.

Last thoughts

Earrings can make or break your outfit. For this reason, you need to put more thought into whatever ensemble you put together. Take your time and come up with various styles for your earrings about your clothing options. It makes it easier for you to know if you go for work for everything or something you should let go of.