What You Get From a SuperCharge USB C Cable

What You Get From a SuperCharge USB C Cable

When people search for cables for their gadgets, one of the top factors they consider is the charging speed. Fast-charging cables were once the most popular USB-c charge cable. However, nowadays, there are SuperCharge cables that offer better speeds. USB-C cables are among the best cables on the market, but SuperCharge USB-C cables are becoming an option that the majority cannot resist. For this reason, platforms like Ugreen have SuperCharge USB-C cable collection you can depend on. Why is this so?

Things you cannot resist when it comes to a SuperCharge USB-C cable

Whether it is the first time you are hearing about this type of USB-C cable or you have seen it in stores, knowing the benefits or things that stand out in the cable gives you confidence when buying. This post focuses on the benefits of SuperCharge USB c cables. Read each of them keenly to have a complete understanding of these cables.

The cables are high-speed

One of the top benefits of SuperCharge USB-C cables is their speed. They are faster than conventional USB-C cables. They are also up to twenty times faster than traditional USB chargers, allowing you to charge your phone in no time. This especially comes in handy in modern times when people experience separation anxiety from not using their phones for too long. The cables also come in handy when traveling. Plugging your phone for less than 30 minutes will get you enough power to travel several miles.

The cables offer reversibility and symmetry

One of people's greatest complaints about charging cables is turning their phones repeatedly to get the proper orientation. SuperCharge USB-C cables do not have this problem. They are 100% reversible. This means you can plug the cable into your device's connector no matter its orientation. Regarding symmetry, USB type C cables are also incredible. They have two similar sides that look 100% the same, supporting the cables' reversibility.

The cables are incredibly durable

Another benefit of SuperCharge USB C cables is their durability. They are among the most impressive cables when it comes to durability. The best USB-C cables are designed to endure wear and tear. They can be bent, twisted, and still maintain their construction and durability.

The cables are easy to maneuver

SuperCharge USB C cables are also easy to use. They are smaller and slimmer than earlier USB versions, making them easy to carry around. Their asymmetry and reversibility also contribute to their ease of use. They are also easy to use on various devices, like PC and laptops, Apple gadgets, and smartphones; they have numerous applications that are easy to accomplish. However, it is worth mentioning that they are only easy to use when used on devices with which they are compatible.


SuperCharge USB C cables are highly beneficial. However, this depends on their quality. Choosing the wrong cable will deprive you of these benefits. For this reason, you should always prioritize certified cables made from durable materials. We have such cables at Ugreen.