What Do You Know About IPL? Why Do They Use? How Effective Is IPL Hair Removal Device?

What Do You Know About IPL? Why Do They Use? How Effective Is IPL Hair Removal Device?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It is a kind of light treatment in which intense light is used to treat the various issues of the skin. People think that IPL is similar to laser treatment. But both are different things but work on the same principle. IPL improves the skin texture and makes the skin clearer.

In laser treatment, one wavelength is delivered from the device but IPL releases more than one wavelength .there are many ways of removing hair which include creams, razors, and waxing. But the IPL is the best one and is widely used for removing hair. IPL hair removal device for women gives a long-lasting effect than shaving or waxing.

IPL releases a wide spectrum of light on a specific spot of skin where you have extra hair. This light kills the cells that are the reason for hair growth. This IPL technique made life easy. Because it gives a more satisfying result than other techniques.

Working Principle of IPL Hair Removal Device

The working principle of IPL is very simple and somehow similar to laser treatment. The light released from the IPL device is absorbed by the pigment that is present in the skin. The heat that comes out from IPL travels down the hair and targets the area. This weakens the root of the hair and destroys the cell which is the cause of hair growth.

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

We use different methods for removing the hair. Intense pulse light and laser treatment are also used to prevent hair growth. IPL requires more treatment session and give less effective results but if we talk about new laser technology it is considered to be more effective and give satisfying results and it creates less discomfort.

Basic Fundamentals of IPL

IPL is one of the good methods for removing hair. You can also remove hair at home if you know all about the device. Following are the fundamentals of IPL that you must know before considering it.

The Lifespan

It is the most important thing that you just need to check how many lights the IPL release. Because the cheapest model which is present in the market may last for few years and you need to replace it time to time. But good quality IPL devices give more satisfying results and can be used for a long time.

The Power

The IPL devices come with different power. It means that it has different levels of intensity. It means that high-power devices work great and give the best result. But sometimes the high light intensity may be dangerous for the skin. The latest IPL devices come with a smart sensor and work smartly and auto-adjust the intensity of light.

The Speed

The speed of IPL is one of the basic factors. If the speed of IPL is slow then it will be a time taking process. Fast IPL is commonly used in the medical field. This device is used in surgery so that doctors can better see and manipulate the hair.

Does IPL Hair Removal Hurt?

Any device which is used for removing the hair may cause a little discomfort or pain. So if it comes to IPL it may cause a little burning sensation. Because the best IPL devices work so quickly so you’ll hardly feel the sensation.

How Long Period Does IPL Hair Removal Take?

Basically, it depends upon your skin type or the volume of hair on your skin. You may see the results in three to four weeks but the duration varies from person to person. So you just need to repeat the process after every two to three weeks for getting rid of them permanently.


IPL is used to separate hair from roots. Pulse light works by delivering one or more rapid pulses of light to the root of the hair. Because of its great working the use of this device is rising day by day.