What Are The Advantages of Suorin Air Plus Pod

What Are The Advantages of Suorin Air Plus Pod

The suorin air plus pod is one from a brand that has a lot of great products. It is a new introduction after the company had introduced the Suorin Air series. This device's main materials are plastic and aluminum. Both items are extra smooth to give the pod a sleek view. In this guide, we will analyze some advantages you will enjoy because you own the Suorin air plus pod.

Small design and size

When you compare this air plus pod to the other options in the air series, it is heavier. But that does not mean it is not a portable option. The length and breadth of this pod are 49.9mm and 93.2mm, respectively. It is a little thicker as it has a little thickness of 0.99cm. This makes it heavier than the previous ones, but it does not mean it is heavy.

It comes with a refillable cartridge

When you are vaping, it is very normal for your puffs to finish at one point or the other. This pod from Suorin has a cartridge that you can refill rather easily. Surprisingly, the kit comes with not one, but two different cartridges with slightly different properties. Either of the two cartridges can take up to 3.5ml of liquid. The only difference is the resistance of each of the cartridges. One has a resistance of 0.7 ohms, while the other has a resistance of about 1.0 ohms.

Great battery

Vaping is not an activity that you do over a very short period. You usually do it at intervals, and subconsciously. However, it is crucial that you have a pod that can stand the test of time regardless of the situation. The suorin pod has a battery of 930mah, which means you can use the pod for a long period without any hassles. There are also some LED lights indicating the battery level of your pod. That way, you are aware of the battery levels while you vape so you know when to charge.

Well protected device

When you are vaping with a vape pod, you will want to ensure that your vaping is safe. Well, with this vape pod, there are six different protections you get. Therefore, you can vape with an assured mind of safety.

Fast charging time

When you want to charge your vape pod, it always comes as an emergency. Therefore, you will want it to charge as fast as possible. With this vape pod, you will only need to wait for only fifty minutes till you get a full charge.


If you are looking for a vape pod that makes the process of vaping a bit discreet and classy, you need to try out the Suorin Air Plus Pod. This vape Pod has many advantages, as we have described above. But one that is worthy of note is the small and discreet size. It is easy to carry around, and because of the amazing design, not everyone knows that you have a vape pod in your hands. You also have a couple of options to choose from, which is one of the best things you can do with a pod.