The Best of All-Lifestyle Android and iOS Smartwatches |Huawei Wearables

The Best of All-Lifestyle Android and iOS Smartwatches |Huawei Wearables

Your assets and electronics don’t define you, but there’s a way you can dress and match your outfit into a Warholic trend. For this reason, you not only need a smartwatch but one that can fit into your technical lifestyle seamlessly.

Initially, when smartwatches flocked the jewelry industry, most people overlooked watches with speaker and microphone supports. But at the moment, the same smartwatches are in the highest demand among wearable electronics because people gradually recognize their importance in real-life situations.

So you know some of the critical features for your next watch. But how would you get straight to the best smartwatches through the different brands in the market? Check out below.

Best Android & iOS Smartwatches with Speakers and Headphones

Over 90% of smartphones in the world run on Windows and iOS operating systems, which means any gadget that can connect or pair to the smartphone is a plus in today's life. So you are most likely to find a Samsung, Apple, and a huawei smart watch with unique specifications that match your phone’s.

Some of these include:

Huawei Watch 3 Pro

Watch 3 Pro is the leading top wearable in Huawei’s watch series with its intelligent business features. It also has animated looks and high-quality, stylish control with a touch-sensitive screen and a full crown side button. The watch lets you make and take calls and also has other easy-to-navigate mobile abilities, including voice assistant, weather updates, and powered speakers for entertainment.

Its location tracking through the GPS functionality is also a plus in the wearable industry ensuring that you won't need to carry your phone when heading out for a run.

Other smartwatches in this category are the Huawei Watch GT 3 Active and the Huawei Watch 3.

Best Smartwatches for Health & Sports Tracking

The technological advancement witnessed today is an excellent boost to different sectors of the world's economy. These advancements, however, come with their risks and disadvantages, with most people relying on processed foods. As a result, these foods create extra unwanted calories in the bodies leading to different blood clots and heart problems.

Therefore, doctors take the initiative to monitor such people’s lives and even make available the necessary ways for patients to monitor their health trends. So having a watch that can accurately record and alarm your doctor based on your heart rate is a huge milestone in the industry.

In Huawei’s consumer wearables are the following smartwatches that monitor acute health conditions and sports tracking.

Huawei GT 2

This gorgeous-looking smartwatch comes in different colors, from refined gold to sunset orange. Most smartwatches offering similar health record features have a terrible reputation for their unreliable batteries. However, Huawei GT 2 stands out for its battery backup enough to last for up to 2 weeks with a magnetic charging thimble. This is the equivalent of 100+ workout modes with real-time heart rate tracking and abnormal heartbeats


This watch offers sleep tracking functionality and notifies you if you have a low resting score that needs improvement for a healthier heart. Other watches in the same category are the Huawei Fit series, including Huawei Watch Fit Elegant and Huawei Watch Fit mini. The other series is the Huawei Band series, including Huawei Band 6, Band 4, and Huawei Band 4e Active.

Check out more of these smartwatches on Huawei’s consumer and wearable pages. You will have a fantastic shopping time with a guarantee of learning a lot about the brand.