How You Can Make Full Use Of Sylvania led night chaser 74794

How You Can Make Full Use Of Sylvania led night chaser 74794

Are you looking for a way to light up your life? Sylvania-led night chaser 74794 is the perfect way to light up your life. It's a LED Chaser that uses advanced technology to create a fantastic lighting experience.

With this product, you can change the colors and patterns of your lights with just the touch of a button. You'll be able to create an incredible atmosphere for any occasion. Purchase Sylvania-led night chaser 74794 today!

SYLVANIA Night Chaser LED is a great way to light up your car while you're driving at night. The LED lights are very bright, making your car look fantastic. I highly recommend SYLVANIA Night Chaser LED for anyone who wants to improve their driving experience at night.

How to Use SYLVANIA Night Chaser LED Bulb

The Sylvania-led night chaser 74794 isn't that difficult to use. If you just read these instructions, it should be much easier to figure out how to use the product effectively.

- Install the led tail lights in an open slot in your car's trunk. Make sure that the light is facing outwards when you install it. Then turn on your vehicle and test whether or not the LED taillights are working correctly before using them in public.

- Use the remote control so you can change colors and patterns quickly while driving.

- If possible, get rid of any other light sources in your car because this will give SYLVANIA Night Chaser LED complete control over what color is used at all times during your drive.

Just a Quick Rundown and Some Tips.

These lights are pretty good, especially considering the price and ease of installation - but there are some things you should know before putting them in your bike:

1.) They're way too white and point too much down. While they look nice when indicated in the right direction during the day, they're very harsh when aimed down the road.   This is to be expected from a cheap LED kit, but if you plan on using them to be seen by other motorists and road users, they need to be aimed higher.

2.) They fit entirely in the headlight cover. There's no room for a separate bulb holder! - Using them with stock H4 Halogen bulbs is not possible.

3.) You can make a simple adaptor that will let you use your existing wiring harness and keep the bulb holder from touching the light housing. I'll show you how below.

4.) Even though it has an electronic flasher built into one of the included relays, it doesn't work well with LED lights. We'll have to do some re-wiring to make them flicker/dim properly - which is no big deal.

5.) I use the H4 adaptor but found it rattles a lot inside the headlight cover once installed - It doesn't rattle when not installed, so I stopped using it.

6.) The included wiring harness plugs into your existing flasher relay and uses both signals for full brightness, regardless of the load on the system. This causes a very bright light whenever you hit the brakes or turn on your hazards. If these aren't options, you would need them while riding at night. This will suffice.


These are pretty good lights for the price, but they can't be used in place of your current headlight bulb setup because of their design. If you use them on the front side by themselves, it might be bright enough to make drivers/cyclists aware of your presence during the day - But try to aim them up higher so that other road users can see you better at night.

Sylvania-led night chaser installation is pretty easy to do. Follow the instructions that come with the kit and then plug them into your car's tail light fixture. When you're done with this step, please turn on your vehicle and test to see whether or not they work properly before going out for a drive.