How many lumens for outdoor projector?

How many lumens for outdoor projector?

Projectors are not supposed to be used at homes or offices only. You may carry them while you are going to enjoy a picnic. This will also allow you to watch dramas and TV shows in an open environment. But you will have to look for best outdoor projector for daylight. But before that, you must understand how many lumens you need for a vankyo leisure 470 pro outdoor projector.

If you choose a projector that delivers at least 500 lumens, that is a good option in terms of connectivity and image quality. Such illumination allows you to have good-quality display even in lighting. But still, you must take a look at the following factors before buying a projector.

Figure out the brightness

Most projectors work well at night as long as there is no connectivity issue. But the ones that perform well during daylight are better to go for. The reason is that, TVs have their own lighting. But that’s not the case with projectors. But if the projection internals are good enough, a projector will work even better under any kind of circumstances.

The projection has to compete with sunlight if you use the projector during daytime. So, if lumen capacity is less, it won’t display the things clearly. And you will barely see the image on the screen. But since natural light has nothing to do at night, the projector will work well enough. So, while choosing a projector, it is better to go for no less than 500 lumens. This will work in cloudy days, at night and on a bright sunny day also.

Apart from that, in order for using less power, use LEDs and not the halogen bulbs in projector. So, spending some amount first is better than having 480P or 720P quality images which don’t work well.

Price for the projector

The projectors are available in many different categories depending on the price. If you buy a cheap one, you may not enjoy its benefits in the long run. If you aren’t able to enjoy the streaming quality, you surely haven’t chosen the right one. A portable projector may accompany you in camping or other such occasions. So, it is better to choose the fully loaded one that may not disappoint you. Even if you spend a hefty amount, if it gives better output, go for it.

Even though 500 lumens work well, connectivity is another thing you must look for. Using different cables or wireless connections may get the job done in this regard. The reason is that these things will allow you to connect any kind of device to the projector with ease. The addition of bluetooth means an enhanced speed for the projectors. So, choose wisely based on the price as well as lumens a projector delivers.

Final words

The projectors you see in your daily life have so many uses and they are versatile also. The best way to use them is to look for the ones that offer good image and audio quality. Otherwise, it will be of no use to spend such a hefty amount.